Real Estate Transaction

Whether this is your first home or your an experienced developer, we provide trusted and reliable conveyance services to meet your needs. Buying, selling, refinancing, family transfers? Contact us to see how we can help.

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International Legal Documents

Need a letter of invitation (support, sponsorship) for a relative, friend, or business partner applying for a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada?

Or a child travel letter (declaration, consent) for children travelling abroad?

Or other legal documents destined for use outside in other countries instead of Canada?

We can guide you through the process and prepare and notarize your letters/documents.


Notarizing Documents

A Notary is most well known for there position of trust with the legal and judicial system. We offer services to:

  • copies that need to be certified;

  • witnessing signatures and attesting to the identity of the signatory; and

  • sign documents that need to be signed under Oath (Affidavits or Statutory Declarations);

If in doubt, call us and we can help determine if our services are right for you.



Commercial Contracts

Contracts are complex. The other party will have someone representing their interest and so should you. We offer contract services that will guide you through the development, review, and execution of various commercial instruments.  We specialize in:  reviewing and drafting Offers to Lease; reviewing and drafting Commercial Leases; reviewing and drafting Non-Solicitation Agreements.   We ensure you are covered and the risk and liability associated with these decisions are drafted with your protection in mind.


Power of Attorney

If you need a power of attorney to deal with a medical emergency, the anticipation of incapacity, or an emergency trip outside of the country we can help. Work with us so we can ensure any decisions making authority you transfer is customized to your needs and the powers you wish to transfer. General, unlimited, or specific to a single business transaction. Let us guide you through the process as we move from drafting to execution.

Power of Attorney

Wills & Estate Planning

There is nothing more important then ensuring your wishes are carried out when you need it most. Preparing a Will and prudent estate planning is recommended at any stage of your life to ensure your decisions will be carried out they way you want them to; especially when it comes to your family and loved ones.


Incapacity Planning

Life can be unpredictable. Decisions concerning your health care are important when you can’t speak for yourself. Incapacity planning ensures healthcare professionals and your family and loved ones know how you want your health care decisions to be made and what authority you want to provide to those you trust.

Incapacity Planning

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